Viscoride Equine Track Surfaces
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ViscoRide - The world's most technically advanced track surface.
Welcome to viscoride, the world's most technically advanced track surface

Welcome to the  NEW ViscoRide Surfaces website!

Viscoride's Advanced Surface, is a technologically and scientifically engineered track surface that provides a safe, durable, high performance, low maintenance surface for horse racing. Viscoride tracks can be used on racetracks, training tracks, show jumping, dressage, polo, eventing and general schooling venues to deliver exceptional consistent performance that far outperforms traditional tracks and surfaces.

Viscoride's synthetic surface promotes superior hoof grip, faster take-off and traction control through the tightest bends and climatic conditions making it safe and functional. The track is manufactured using premium graded materials under controlled and proven processing procedures and most importantly it is affordable!

Viscoride is supported by a team of international consultants with over 20 years of specialised expertise in riding surfaces. Through ongoing research and development that involves stringent and enduring environmental application conditions, Viscoride is able to remain producers of the most advanced synthetic track surface available in today's market.

ViscoRide - Richard Colton says

A glowing testimonial about Viscoride

Horse racing on ViscoRide's track surface:

Horse racing on ViscoRide's track surface at night:

The world's most advanced track surface
It is ideal for external or internal applications. ViscoRide is a unique scientifically engineered product. Developed to deliver exceptional consistent performance under varied climatic conditions.
The only track surface where speed and safety come first
ViscoRide's advanced synthetic surface composition assists in superior hoof grip, promoting faster take-off and traction control, even through the tightest bends and conditions.
Viscoride track surface is 100% environmentally friendly
ViscoRide is an environmentally friendly product. Viscoride is a non-hazardous, non-toxic product and uses no waste by-products in its manufacturing process.
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